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Our quotation service will help you have a good grasp of your project by supplying documents and detailed descriptions. The qualifications, exclusions, separated and optional prices are always well defined.


Our subcontractors, chosen for the superior quality of their work, only use 3D high performance, SDS/2, XSteel or Advantage type programs. Under our supervision, they supply shop or erection drawings, which if we may say, are very close to perfection.

Project' management

Sofab Our thorough contracts' and internal documents' management is performed jointly with the Fabtrol's documentation and production program, and our management staff who is focusing on quality service. Our meticulous follow up system, between all specialized contractors and professionals involved in the project, assures you of a problem free complete steel structure.

Turnkey concept

Our engineering service, trained to apply the most recent codes in force, is capable of satisfying your turnkey project requests. Your project can be carried out quickly and efficiently.

Connections' calculations

Each project requires our engineers' expertise to design the complex connections used in rigid frames, seismic bracings or concentrated reactions. The SDS/2 drawing program helps us create simple connections and Descon creates the more complex ones. The final touch comes from our engineers.

Production equipment

Sofab To assure a high quality production, we use state-of-the-art, modern, automated and computerized, high performance equipment. In fact, the connections are fabricated by an "angle master" line from Peddinghaus. The beams and columns are cut and drilled by our FICEP 1101 DZB beam line.

Great news! Recently, Sofab Structural Steel has bought a Ficep Gemini plasma and drilling and milling head cutting table for large size plates up to 40’-0’’ span. We are able to guarantee a high level of quality for your road and railroad steel projects. The plate fabrication speed and accuracy are now increased at a higher level.


Since we already achieved some LEED projects (Lake-College, Burlington, VT, Bell Canada Campus, Montréal, and Poste Canada , Ottawa), our personnel has the technical knowledge to help you get the certification for your LEED project.